About Us


In 1958, Joe T. Hibler was working in the oil field. After a hunting accident, he began taxidermy as a hobby. He enjoyed it so much that he opened a part time taxidermy shop while he continued to work in the oil field. The business began to grow so fast, and he decided in 1963 to go into taxidermy full time. The rest is history.

Joe established one of the largest, most trusted taxidermy businesses in the United States. He built his business on quality of work and integrity. As the hunting industry grew, so did Hibler Taxidermy. Through the years, Joe has mounted some of the best whitetails ever taken in Texas and Mexico. He has come to appreciate the management aspect of the hunting industry, and has seen the quality become even better.

Joe went on to establish another business, Hibler Wild Game Processing. This business makes a variety of smoked products including jerky, snack sticks, sausage, summer sausage, tamales, and much more. This business has experienced tremendous growth through the years.

Joe now employs about 15 workers between the businesses, and at age 77, has not slowed down a bit. Joe has learned as he has grown older to appreciate the hunting industry that has not only allowed him to make a good living, but to enjoy what he does for a living. He thanks God for the opportunities he has had in his life, and is also thankful for the good friends and blessings he enjoyed through the hunting industry.


David Hibler has been a part of the taxidermy business since he was 15 years old. He began his career by mounting thousands of quail for the Wildlife Collection. He has progressed to become the head taxidermist, and is an expert in the field. His extensive experience includes creating life-size African exotics, trophy whitetail deer, and unique rugs and scenes.

Michelle Hibler has worked in the accounting department for Hibler Taxidermy to help manage the business for over 23 years and is now retired. David and Michelle have three children: Amber, Joseph and Allen.

Amber prepared mounted quail in high school and worked in the office while completing her masters degree.

Joseph earned his bachelor’s degree in Business from Texas A&M Kingsville. From sculpting one day, to skinning the next, to creating beautiful works of art…Joe has his hands on all aspects of the company and has become a very crucial piece to the family business.

Allen is attending Texas A&M Kingsville and pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Geology. He is currently working on his fourth bronze sculpture and cannot wait to finish school and begin his work in his true passion…Taxidermy.